Norton 7704 689

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Norton Door Closer Series 7704 689

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Norton Door Closer Series 7704 689
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Product Description:
Norton Door Closer 7704 689
Commercial Heavy Duty Norton Door Closer
• ANSI A156.4, Grade 1
• 10-year limited warranty
• Non-handed
• Rack-and-pinion design
• Cast aluminum body
• 2-1/8" (54mm) projection
• 1-1/2" (38mm) diameter piston
• 5/8" (16mm) diameter pinion journals
• Staked valves
• Standard, separate and independent, latch, sweep and backcheck
intensity valves
• Backcheck positioning valve
• NorGlide® Fluid
• Molded plastic cover
• All standard arm applications allow doors to swing 180°,
conditions permitting
• Self-drilling screws
• Full-size templates
Item Specifications
689 (silver painted)
Special Features Cover
Body Material
Cast Aluminum
Norton Closers
Exploded View of Closer Body (without delayed action)
Norton Closer
All closers, with standard non-hold open and
hold open arms are shipped with self-drilling,
self-tapping and machine screws. Sleeve
nuts (SN) may be ordered as an option.
• PR, CLP, CPS, UNI arms and slide tracks are
shipped standard with sleeve nuts (SN) and
self-drilling screws• Sleeve nuts (SN) are available for all closers
and should be used on steel doors to
prevent dimpling, or where proper door
reinforcement has not been provide
• Standard sleeve nuts are for 1-3/4" (44mm)
doors. 1-3/8" (35mm) or 2-1/4" (57mm)
door thicknesses are available and must
be specified.• Through-bolts and grommet nuts (TBGN)
are another fastener alternative for wood
doors. Specify door thickness 1-3/4"
(44mm) or 1-3/8" (35mm) when ordering.
• Lobular Torx® drive screws, for tamper
resistance, standard with 7570 and 7770
closers. Available as a special order for all
other series closers.
All door closers are painted in water-borne acrylics. All steel parts, arms, brackets and mounting plates are powder coated. The closers will withstand 100 hours of salt spray.
Norton Closer
Norton 7500
Norton Closers


Corrosion-Resistant Door Closer
The series 7500SS door closers with molded
plastic cover are available for use where
corrosive conditions exist. This series is
provided with zinc diecast adjustment valves,
a 440 grade stainless steel pinion shaft, an allaluminum
body and bronze closer arm
bushing; all other components and fasteners
are of 302/303 grade stainless steel. This
product is available for standard regular arm,
top jamb and parallel arm, non-hold open,
applications only.
Optional Metal Cover
This steel cover is non-handed for regular
and parallel arm applications, but is handed
for top jamb applications. Cover is available
in sprayed or architectural plated finishes.
Security Cover
Is supplied standard with all series
7570/7770 door closers. This deep drawn
steel cover is handed for all applications.
The cover is fastened to the closer body at
two points on top and to the door closer
body stand-offs at two points on the

Aluminum Alloy Housing
Door Closer Power Options

Closer bodies are constructed of a special aluminum alloy, carefully selected to accommodate interactive steel components and operating conditions.
Rack & Pinion Operation
Provides a smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle. 180° door swing can be achieved when door, frame, hardware and arm function do not interfere.
With few exceptions all series 7500 and series 7700 door closers are non-handed and can be installed on either right or left hand swing doors. Pinion shaft extends
vertically through the closer body in both directions. This permits the closer to be positioned on either right or left hand doors for most applications. Some options, as
noted on pages 6-7, will require that the hand of the closer be specified.
Sweep Speed Control Valve
Allows adjustment of door speed from the doors full open position down to approximately 10° from the closed position.
Latch Speed Control Value
Allows adjustment of door speed from approximately 10° down to the door’s fully closed position.
7500 comes with screws, brackets and soffit
plates to allow for regular, top jamb, and
parallel arm installations.
Adjustable Backcheck
Cushion Valve
Provides control of the door in the opening
cycle, beginning at approximately 75° of door
opening. It slows/cushions the door opening,
when the door is forcibly opened beyond its
pre-adjusted limits.
Adjustable Backcheck
Position Valve
Allows the door opening position, where
backcheck cushioning begins, to be adjusted to
a greater door angle, up to a maximum of 20°
farther (approximately 95°).
Standard Molded Cover
Is molded of high-impact U.L. listed material
and covers the entire closer body assembly.
This cover is non-handed for all applications.
These closers carry a limited ten-year warranty
against defect, and life of the building on the
aluminum housingNorGlide® closer fluid is a specially formulated multi-viscosity hydraulic fluid that contains
lubricity and anti-oxidation agents that provide
optimum performance and efficiency. This fluid
complements the interaction of the door closer's
aluminum housing with its steel and zinc
components, while maintaining stable viscosity
to allow the door closer to perform in
temperatures ranging from extremely high to
as low as -40° F.

Series 7700 Sized Door Closer
Is available in five different power sizes (2, 3,
4, 5 or 6). Each power size is adjustable up to
50% stronger than the minimum closing
force for that size, as outlined in ANSI
specification A156.4.
Series 7500 Multi-sized Door Closer
Is adjustable through the entire power range
of door closer sizes 1 through 6, as outlined
in ANSI standard A156.4.
The series 7500 also conforms to the
minimum opening force requirements
of the Americans with Disabilities Act
(A.D.A.) and ANSI standard A117.1 for
interior doors.

Norton Closers
Norton Closers
Norton Closers
Norton Closers
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