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Karpen Steel Dutch Door


Karpen Steel Dutch Door

Manufacturer: Karpen Steel
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This item ships from NC.
Dutch Doors
double egress frame
dutch door
cut sheet cudm0004.pdf
data sheet
cudm0003.pdf cudm0003.dwg
3 Hour Label Dutch Door
4'-0" x 7'-2" Single Door Opening
Top and bottom leafs must latch into strike jamb of frame.
Astragal provided between leafs.
Single shelf optional, on push side of door.
Questions and Answers
Q: Question: How to measure/order a steel dutch door mainly for security reasons and customer service.
A: Is this going to be a new installation or will you be removing an existing door and in its place installing a dutch door?
Q: What fire rated Dutch Door sizes are available?
A: Dutch doors are available as Fire Rated door assemblies and have similar component requirements as a single leaf fire door. Exceptions are as follows:

The Dutch Door assembly must have a locking device located in both the top and bottom leaves.

The upper and lower leaf may latch into the frame or the upper leaf may latch into the lower leaf, which latches into the frame.

The opening must include a closing device located on the upper leaf, and a horizontal astragal which will coordinate the closing and latching of the bottom leaf.

A label is required on each leaf of a dutch door and one on the frame.

Fire Rated Dutch Door Applications:

Available up to and including 4072 single door size.

Double door applications are not approved or allowed.

The use of Dutch Door Shelves is approved but the shelf can only be attached to one side of the door

Glass Lights:

Dutch Doors may have one light in the top leaf only.

Maximum exposed glass of 100 square inches with neither dimension exceeding 12" in height or width.

3 hour rated Dutch Doors must use FireLite or other appropriately listed glazing material.

A: We are sorry however we can not STC rate dutch doors. Not sure what type of sound gaskets or hardware would be required on a dutch door assembly and while I am sure we could apply the same gasketing that a standard stc 45 rated door would work on we have never of course tested a dutch door to be compliant with that STC level.
Q: Can you ship this nationally?
A: Yes we can most certainly ship the Karpen Steel Dutch Door anywhere in the United States and abroad as well.
Q: can you do a pair of 3070 doors as a 90-minute dutch or they single openings only maximum 4072?
A: Can only label 4072 single doors only (no pairs).
Q: Hello, I've been hired to build a dutch door, yet I don't have any experience specifically with weather sealing the upper and lower halves of the door where they meet when closed. (I have experience building/installing doors in general, just not Dutch doors specifically.) Anyway, this will be an exterior door that open to the interior. Do you have any specific solutions or recommendations with how I can go about weatherproofing this door? My current ideas are to build the door halves with overlapping rabbits and use kerf foam weatherstripping or to maybe incorporate a spring bronze interlocking weatherstripping of some sort. And for what it's worth, this will be a painted wood door installed in a 1927 Spanish Revival home. So although simple in design, I am trying to be authentic in character to the home. Thank you,
A: Because I was reading your question I too was thinking rabbeted edges between the leaves -

You might consider the Dorbin 16AB 3/8" Flange Bronze Interlocking Weatherstrip as seen here:

Click Here

Or the Dorbin M1B & M2B Standard Rib Strip Double Hung Window as seen here:

Click Here

I would prefer there not to be a spring bias from the top leaf to the lower leaf as it's going to cause the door to want to spring open slightly which is why I like these mechanical interlocks.

You might also consider simply mortising into the underside of the top leaf the Dorbin 97AS Black Pile Adjustable Double Door Equipment as seen here:

Click Here

as it incorporates springs that will allow you to tailor the projection of the pile against the top of the lower leaf.

You might also need to consider a Dutch Door Quadrant as seen here:

Click Here

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