HLOCK is a Plastic Temporary Construction Door Latch/Lock that was built to last. Its composition allows the Contractor to reuse it multiple times, it is resistant to extreme cold, heat, UV rays and strong to withstand great lateral forces. HLOCK is very easy to install and remove, no tools are necessary. Due to the simplicity of the construction, HLOCK will be an important asset in every new construction, maintaining the site secure from damages and keeping the budget in line. Until today, there was no substitute for Temporary Construction door latches. HLOCK was invented due to the lack of products in the market that can replace expensive and bulky hardware. HLOCK will help to: • Minimize Costs caused by wind or water intrusion damages; • Minimize cost per latch used; • Minimize damages caused by bulky doorknobs on drywall walls; • Minimize time of installation per latch; • Maximize savings per reusable latch; • Can be used on 2" ⅜ and 2" ¾ backset doors; • Can be open by either side; • Can be locked with a standard flat head #8 x ½" screw; • Can be painted and /or textured.

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