Hager BB1279 4.5x4.5

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Hager BB1279 4.5x4.5in Hinge-Full Mortise-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base

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Hager BB1279 4.5x4.5in Hinge-Full Mortise-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base
Main ImageVideo Review Hager BB1279 4.5x4.5in Hinge-Full Mortise-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base
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6 - US3 - Bright Brass,Standard Removable Pin
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Technical Support
Product Description:

4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Standard Weight Full Mortise Ball Bearing Steel Hinge

  • ANSI A8112
  • Full Mortise
  • Steel Hinge with Steel Pin
  • Gauge: .134
  • Standard Weight
  • Ball Bearing
  • Five Knuckle
  • Two Ball Bearings
  • Button Tip and Plug
  • Hole Count: 8
  • Screw Size:
    • Machine: 1/2 x 12-24
    • Wood: 1-1/4 x 12
  • For use on medium weight doors or doors requiring medium frequency service.
  • Note: Specifications of product in image may differ from product being sold. Read description carefully.
Optional Features-Call for Pricing and Availability
  • Decorative Tips
    • Acorn Tip
    • Ball Tip
    • Steeple Tip
    • Urn Tip
  • Security Tips
    • Hospital Tip
    • Safety Stud
    • Reverse Security Stud
  • Pin Options
    • Stainless Steel Pin
    • Brass Pin
  • Round Corners
    • 1/4" Radius Standard
    • Others on Request

Questions and Answers
Q: will this hinge rust in the salt air
A: Certainly will. I suggest a hinge made of stainless steel such as the Hager BB1191 as seen here:

Click Here

Please contact our sales department here:

Click Here

if we can assist you with entering this order and please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Q: I am looking for help identifying & adjusting some HAGER BB hinges on double entry doors (aluminum & glass) for a public building I maintain. I need to adjust the angle that one of the doors sits in the frame - the top of the doors are slightly closer than the bottoms. The vertical weather strip brush mounted on one door drags just enough to prevent the door for latching closed. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a couple pictures for reference as seem here:

View Image

View Image

A: While I would like to see specifically the area that is causing the door bind I can guess that the top hinge is permitting too much of a gap allowing the door to tip into the opening and making contact at the meeting stile of both doors near the top.

I don't believe you need to adjust the doors in terms of adjusting the angle because very likely the hinge is not flush to the jamb and all of the components related to the hinge need to be tightened and secured so that the door is drawn back up to the opening to permit a proper gap between the jamb and the door. This is one substantial drawback of the aluminum door and frame industry is that the hinge reinforcements are mechanically fastened and not welded like you would have in a hollow metal door frame - my point is that those mechanical fasteners come loose over time.

Having said this the top hinge on a door is responsible for carrying approximately 70% of the weight of the door and there are times when an outright replacement of that hinge is necessary just because the hinge that you have is simply worn and is no longer operating as it was originally engineered and designed to do. An additional handy piece of hardware used to mitigate such problems is also the Markar B1921 US2G Full Surface Reinforcing Pivot for Flush Doors with 4" Wide Butt Hinge- Zinc Plated (assuming the hinge is indeed 4” wide or the Markar B1923 US2G for the 4-1/2” wide hinge) as seen here:

Click Here

as this piece of equipment is specifically intended to allow you to force the door to stay true plumb level and square to the frame.

Moving forward, you will want to confirm that you have not only the hinge attached very firmly to the door and the frame but also the hinge reinforcing plate that the hinge is attached to that is done mechanically fastened to your frame is also tight as possible as well. I would also encourage the use of thread lock when you reattach all of the fasteners. If all this does not correct the situation you might simply want to replace the hinge which we can help you with.

Back to your original question of how to change the angle of where the door sits in the rabbit of the frame itself can be quite thoroughly reviewed at the link as seen here:

Download File

This document is titled SDI 122-15 Installation Troubleshooting Guide for Standard Steel Doors and Frames it is the industry governing document when it comes to making field adjustments to the door and the frame generally by means of using shims but other methods are discussed as well. I cannot attempt to answer the question more thoroughly than the above-mentioned document but I do standby ready to assist with specific questions that may arise.

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