Gyro Tech/Nabco R148703

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GT/Nabco R148703 Motor 115V DC Gemini 700/710 - Rebuilt

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GT/Nabco R148703 Motor 115V DC Gemini 700/710 - Rebuilt
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Product Description:
GT/Nabco R148703 Motor 115V DC Gemini 700/710 - Rebuilt
Use for: Door Closers > Automatic Door Openers > Parts > GT/Nabco > Gemini > Swinger > Motor 115V DC Gemini 700/710 - Rebuilt
  • For Automatic Doors
  • 115 Volts
  • 700/710
  • Rebuilt
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Questions and Answers
Q: My name is Luiz Antonio G. and I’m a electrician from Niteroi/RJ – Brazil. I was called to repair a malfunction in a coffe bar`s Sliding Door System in a gas station area, which doors were not completely closing well and some other troubleshooting concerns. However, I have no documentation of this Sliding Door System and the coffee bar’s manager as well. So I would like to ask You for some help to find out how to get copies of the documentation of this equipment wich I believe it is an old model “NABCO Automatic Sliding Door - NH-60C PALSEARCH” described as follows, if applicable and available information: • Automatic door installation manual, • Electrical Installation Manual (with the following contentes if applicable: Microprocessor Control`s Output Power Guidelines, the header layout, connecting incoming VAC wires, Operating Wires, Pin Controller Terminal Block Assignments, Sensor Wire Connections, Rocker Switch Settings, Wiring Diagrams, InfraRed Beam Wiring, Electric Lock Wiring, Custom Wiring, Assignments (Mode Switch/Area Switch, etc...) • Adjustment procedures (Setup and Programming Manual For this sliding door system model, Standard Function Adjustments, Mode Switch na Area Switch settings, etc... ) • Settings (with the following contentes if applicable: opening speed, backcheck speed, backcheck position, hold-open delay, latch position, auto-ver closing, electric lock, sefety slow/stop, alternate action, opening speed, closing delay time and others) Thank You very much for Your attention,
A: Please email me photographs of this unit so that I can attempt to procure an operating manual for it.
Q: Ok. The photographs You asked for:
A: We have no information on this item what-so-ever except tp tell you this is a nh-60 PALSEARCH as can be reviewed within the Nabco Accessory catalog as seen here:

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