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Falcon Y-Series Tubular Trim Locksets Keyed

Falcon YSKK

Falcon Y-Series Tubular Trim Locksets Keyed

Manufacturer: Falcon
Price: $0.00
Discontinued Item
Out of StockThis item is discontinued, we are unable to provide technical support and have no inventory remaining on hand. This item is kept in the database for informational purposes only.
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This item ships from MO.
Falcon Lock Philosophy
falcon logo
At Falcon, we take a proactive approach to addressing commercial facility needs.
Whether the application is government, military, retail, industrial, tenant or institutional, Falcon offers a full line of Grade 1 and 2 locksets with functions and key systems to fit your budget requirements.
With a broad set of retrofit products including locks, trim options and cylinders for other manufacturers keyways, Falcon can provide an economical solution for your locking system needs.
As part of the world-renowned IR Security & Safety Sector, Falcon benefits from the power of IR’s industry leadership, global distribution and multiple product lines that deliver integrated security solutions.
Falcon is represented and supported by the Security & Safety Consultant organization across the US and Canada.
Their capabilities include facility surveys, specification writing, value engineering, key system design. In conjunction with IR security Centers complete after the sale service and support is available
Other trim designs and finishes are avaible on special order. For more information call: 1-877-631-9411.
How to Order
For correct ordering, and to ensure no delays in shipment of your order, the following descriptive data must be listed in the sequence shown. Necessary information can be found in other parts of this catalog. The example below shows an order for 12 each Y locksets in the 521Entry function, D (Dane) trim design in a 626 (satin chrome) finish, to accommodate doors 1-3/4” thick with AA1-AA12 keying.
dorma Quantity: Indicate the quantity required.
dorma Catalog Number: Select catalog number.
dorma Trim Design: ndicate letter of knob or lever design.
dorma Example: D for Dane lever style.
dorma Finish: When the finish is the same for the outside and inside trim, it is shown once (626). For split finishes, the outside is designated first, then the inside (605 x 625).
dorma Latch: Universal 2-3/8” — 2-3/4” UL label latch is standard.
dorma Strike: 2-3/4” x 1-1/8” standard. Optional ANSI or full lip
strikes available.
dorma Cylinder Type: For 6-pin, add 6-pin.
dorma Keying Detail: We suggest using the standard terms developed by DHI (Door Hardware Institute).
EXAMPLE: AA1–Grand Master keyed, Master keyed, change key 1.
dorma Interchangeable Core: To order product capable of accepting an interchangeable core, add “FIC” (for interchangeable core). To order product with an interchangeable core, add “WIC”
(with interchangeable core).
dorma Keyway: “G” is standard on regular cylinders, “A” is standard on interchangeable cores. Other keyways available.
dorma Additional Keys: Two (2) keys are shipped with each keyed lockset. Note the total number of keys required.
dorma Large Bow Keys: Add - “with large bow keys.”
Catalog Number Function Description
Entry/Office Lock
Deadlocking latch bolt operated by knob/lever except when outside knob/ lever is locked by turn button inside. Inside knob/lever always free. When outside knob/lever is locked, latch bolt is operated by key in outside knob/
lever or by rotating inside knob/lever. Turn button must be manually returned to the unlocked position to release outside knob/lever. Lock may be locked or unlocked by key in cylinder outside.
Storeroom Lock
Knobs–Deadlocking latch bolt operated by inside knob or key outside. Outside knob rigid. Levers–Deadlocking latch bolt operated by inside lever at all times. Rotating key in outside lever temporarily unlocks mechanism allowing lever to retract latch bolt. When key is removed, outer lever becomes rigid.
Dummy Trim
Single Trim–Through-bolted from inside. For Double Trim order two singles and drill out threads from mounting stud.
Trim design
The latest in modern techniques and equipment are used to apply the highest quality finish. Extra steps assure durable, consistent finishes and long useful life. Although we apply the finest available protective plating and/or enamel coating to the surface of our products, these finishes have limitations and in time may deteriorate either from exposure to weather, pollution, perspiration, extremes of climate, frequency of use or other factors. Deterioration of these finishes is, therefore, not a defect, but a normal process which is unavoidable. Our company cannot accept responsibility for finish deterioration in these circumstances; therefore, the finishes cannot be guaranteed. These products will not be refinished or replaced under our warranty should deterioration of finishes occur.
Description ANSI No. Available on
Satin Chrome
Falcon Y Series Non Keyed Lever
Full T-Series Falcon catalog
TownSteel Tubular Lock Instructions
Door thickness: Y-Series locksets accommodate door thicknesses of 1-3/8” to 1-3/4”
Backset: Universal 2-3/8” — 2-3/4” UL Listed label latch is standard.
Mechanism: Cold rolled steel, zinc plated and chromate coated for rust resistance.
Attachment: Outside knob/lever, rose and chassis one single assembly. Inner mechanism secured to outer mechanism with two through-bolt screws through a steel mounting plate. Snap-on inner rose conceals screw heads. Knob/lever mounts over knob/lever retainer.
Handing: Non-handed. May be used in right hand or left hand doors swinging in or out.
Cylinders: Furnished with solid brass plug and housing, drilled with 6-pin chambers, pinned in 5 unless otherwise specified. Hana and Elite knobs and Dane levers available with 6 or 7-pin small format interchangeable cores. Furnished with two nickel silver keys standard.
Keyways: G” keyway standard on standard cylinders. ”A” keyway standard on I/C core cylinders. Available with some optional keyways.
Trim: Available with Hana and Elite knob styles and Dane and Quantum lever handle styles.
Latches: 1/2” bolt projection. UL standard. Furnished standard with a universal 2-3/8” – 2-3/4” backset with a 1-1/8” x 2-1/4” faceplate. Optional 1-1/8” x 2-1/4” square or round corner latch front available.
Strikes: 2-3/4” x 1-1/8” T-strike standard. ANSI 4-7/8” x 1-1/4” or 2-1/4” full lip strikes available. Consult Options and Accessories section.
Screws: Furnished with combination wood/machine screws for use on wood or metal doors or frames.
ANSI/BHMA: Meets ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2.
UL: 1-1/2 hour B label doors.
Falcon lock
Falcon Mortise Lock Specifications
Y Series locksets and latchsets shall meet Grade 2
requirements of ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000.
Locksets and latchsets, where required on fire rated openings, shall be UL listed for 1-1/2 hour B Label doors.
Levers shall comply with all state and local handicap codes
and meet ADA requirements.
Levers shall have a minimum length of 4-3/8”from center of opening to end.
Outer trim of lock shall be one piece, factory preassembled.
Inner trim attaches by two through-bolt screws through a
steel mounting plate on inner spindle assembly.
There shall be no exposed screws on trim.
Cylinders shall have a minimum of 6 active pin chambers and shall be furnished with 2 nickel silver keys.
bullet Locks provided with levers shall have individual return springs in both trims for positive return and no lever sag.
bullet The lock spindle shall pass through the latch hub to create a one piece unit for strength and security.
bullet Locksets and latchsets shall be provided with screws for mounting in both wood and metal doors and frames.
Preparation for door must be non-handed.
Hand Selector
All functions except Dummy Trim
1" Faceplate
1" Faceplate w/ 1/4" Radius
1-1/8" Faceplate
Circular Flat Faceplate
Knob Installation Instructions and Template
Lever Installation Instructions and Template
Dummy Trim
Single & Double
Furnished with a 4-7/8" ANSI strike unless specified otherwise.
Q001-049 (avaible on special order)
Q001-048 (avaible on special order)
Square Corner T-Strike
ANSI Prep A115.2
Full Lip, Square Corner
Full Lip, 1/4” Radius Corner
  Architectural Builders Supply product suggestions:  
Falcon Y-Series Tubular Knob Locksets Non-Keyed
DISCONTINUED - Grade 2 Standard Duty Tubular Knob Locksets. Universal, optional T-strikes are avaible.
Price: $0.00
Falcon Y-Series Tubular Lever Locksets Keyed
DISCONTINUED - Grade 2 Standard Duty Tubular Lever Locksets. Universal, optional T-Strike are avaible.
Price: $0.00
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