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Dorbin Double Door Astragal 95 Weatherstripping

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Dorbin Double Door Astragal 95 Weatherstripping
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Price: $134.80 USD
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Product Description:

This double door astragal is used on commercial door weatherstripping applications for both interior and exterior weatherstripping applications.

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Call 847-561-4112 for installation instructions
Dorbin #95GP Gold & Pile Double Door Astragal

This astragal is gold anodized aluminum finish,

This astragal is "T" shaped and is typically mounted on the push side of the inactive door or the pull side of the active door,

This astragal has a pile weatherstip seal,

This astragal is 1 1/4" overall width,

This astragal is drilled for and supplied with screws for installation. Available undrilled, please contact our sales department directly,

Dorbin astragals are extruded from 6063T5 heat treated Aluminum Alloy. Mill finish as extruded. Anodized Finish is U.S. Standard 28 for corrosion resistance,

This product ships direct from the factory within 2-days of order

Custom lengths are available upon request. Contact us with your special requirements,

Architectural Builders Supply stocks a full line of commercial door weatherstripping for exterior commercial doors made from vinyl, rubber neoprene, silicone, aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel.

Our selection of weatherstripping includes the following types of items: Adjustable astragals, Automatic door bottoms, bronze and brass weatherstripping, carpet dividers, corner door seals, cushion spring type door weatherstripping, door bottoms, door sweeps, double door astragals and weatherstripping, drip caps, foam door seals, handicap saddles, head & jamb seals, lock strips, overhead door weatherstripping, pile door bottoms, sill extensions, handicap threshold risers & ramps.

"Dorbin copyrighted product images are used with the permission of Dorbin Metal Strip Mfg. Co., Inc."

Questions and Answers
Q: I have a double door pair on an exterior wall leading onto a patio. The doors open into the building. The carpet inside the room is at the same height as the threshold, so I was thinking of using an automatic door bottom as a typical sweep would drag. However, I am not sure what kind of weather-stripping and center astragal would work best for this setup. Any help would be appreciated
A: I would suggest interlocking weatherstripping for both the perimeter gasketing and the astragal.

An overview of these pieces can be seen here:

Download File

Specifically for the perimeter gasketing you might use the 132C x 133C pieces as seen here:

Click Here

and here:

Click Here

And the for the astragal you would use the 133C x 203C astragal set as seen here:

Click Here

and here:

Click Here

interlocking weatherstripping provides a positive mechanical seal that tends to be both long lasting and effective.

Also consider the Reese 430A mortised automatic door bottoms as seen here:

Click Here

And finally the Reese R199A drip cap for the bottom of the door leaves as seen here:

Click Here

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Double Door Astragal, Length: 84", Width: 2", Heigth: 1/8", Material: Anodized Aluminum
Price: $85.42
Dorbin 95AP Ano. 84" Aluminum Double Door Astragal with Pile
Dorbin 95AP Ano. Pile 84"
Double Door Astragal with Pile, Length: 84", Width: 1 1/4", Material: Anodized Aluminum "T" shaped
Price: $97.37
Dorbin 96A Ano. Aluminum 84" Double Door Astragal
Dorbin 96A Ano. Aluminum 84"
84" length Double Door Astragal, "T" shaped, Width: 1 1/8", Material: Anodized Aluminum
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