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DOR-O-MATIC Rim Exit 1590 EO


DOR-O-MATIC Rim Exit 1590 EO

Manufacturer: Dor-O-Matic
Price: $515.64
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Additional Declarations - This manufacturer has an order minimum of $85.00 - if your total is less than this amount, the lead time approximately 2-3 weeks before it would ship. Simply exceed this minimum order amount so that we can drop ship the material to your location.
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This item ships from MA.
Dor-O-Matic Rim Exit 1590 EO
The 1590 offers the aesthetic benefit of the 1490 with the installation and maintenance ease of a rim exit device.
Product Features
  • Quarter-turn dogging
  • Simplified cartridge mounting for most standard rim cylinders
  • Durable metal end caps
  • Exit Only
  • Latches door side of a single door
  • Grade 1
Order Options Guide
Color Options
US28 628 Anodized Aluminum – Clear
DC13 710 Anodized Aluminum – Dark Bronze
Please be sure to select the correct hand when ordering. For instance you may notice the Right Hand and Left Hand Reverse drawings look similar. Indeed they appear to be similar. But there is a very important difference between them. The Right Hand drawing shows the push side of the door to be the locked (usually exterior) side of the door. But the Left Hand Reverse drawing shows the locked side of the door to be the pull side. This difference is significant when talking about door hardware as the application of that hardware is dependant upon the swing of a door.
Handing Chart
Questions and Answers
Q: We have a Door O Matic Series #1590 & I have 2 things happening with the push bar 1) The push bar doesnt release the latch enough to open & 2) when you try to set the push bar in its unlock position with the allen key it doesnt allow that to happen... Could you please advise me on what part I would need to replace???
A: Starts at page 239 of this .pdf

Download File

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Q: Is the latch bolt spring available as a standalone item for the DOR-O-MATIC Rim Exit 1590 EO ?
A: Unfortunately no - the latch bolt spring is not available as a standalone item for the DOR-O-MATIC Rim Exit 1590 EO.

However you can purchase the 1590 Latchbolt Assembly 4270107603 as seen here:

Click Here

Q: What electric strike will work with 1590?
A: The 6112 electric strike as seen here:

Click Here

is the only strike that will work due to the size of the latch-bolt on the 1590.

Q: What strike is used for a pair of doors with a Dor O Matic Rim device x Flushbolts on inactive door?
A: The STK45 as seen here:

Click Here

strike is used on the inactive door leaf.

(Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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