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DOR-O-MATIC Concealed Vertical Rod Device EL1490 EO

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DOR-O-MATIC Concealed Vertical Rod Device EL1490 EO
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Price: $1,340.16 USD
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Technical Support
Product Description:
Dor-O-Matic Concealed Vertical Rod Device EL1490 EO
The ELEL1490 EO Dor-O-Matic’s heaviest device, Grade 1 offers a clean appearance in a pushpad style device, built with rugged steel operating mechanisms and durable aluminum push bars and end caps.
Product Features
  • Quarter-turn dogging
  • Simplified cartridge mounting
  • Rod extension kits for doors for most standard rim cylinders
  • Durable metal end caps
  • monitor switch
  • electric latch retraction with no manual dogging.
  • EL devices are also useful with automatic door operators
  • May be applied to fire-rated devices when under the control of an automatic fire alarm system.
  • EL feature provides remote latch retraction
    ability to exit devices.
  • A control station operator can flip a switch to retract the latch bolt
  • Immediately change an exit only or latched door to push-pull operation
  • A powerful, continuous duty solenoid retracts the latch bolt for momentary unlocking, or for extended periods of time, in lieu of manual dogging.
*rod extension kits are available for special order, please call
Order Options Guide
Color Options
US28 628 Anodized Aluminum – Clear
DC13 710 Anodized Aluminum – Dark Bronze
Please be sure to select the correct hand when ordering. For instance you may notice the Right Hand and Left Hand Reverse drawings look similar. Indeed they appear to be similar. But there is a very important difference between them. The Right Hand drawing shows the push side of the door to be the locked (usually exterior) side of the door. But the Left Hand Reverse drawing shows the locked side of the door to be the pull side. This difference is significant when talking about door hardware as the application of that hardware is dependant upon the swing of a door.
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DOR-O-MATIC Concealed Vertical Rod Device EL1490 EO
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Questions and Answers
Q: I have a Bldg with 6 of the 1490 there are 2 of them not locking all the time and they do have the 24v system is there a way to find out why they do this
A: When the devices are not relocking all the time it could be an electric problem or simply a mechanical issue where the bolts do not physically reengage the strikes. Can you eliminate the mechanical possibility?
Q: Can you operate a Doromatic EL 1490 with an LCN power supply?
A: This is not possible. Due to the devices 16 Amp in-rush it would require its own PS914-2RS which will power 1 or 2 devices.
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