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Deltana PH40

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Deltana PH40 Pivot Knife Hinge-Brass Base

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Deltana PH40 Pivot Knife Hinge-Brass Base
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Technical Support
Product Description:
Pivot Knife Hinge
  • Completely reversible (non-handed) and can be used for either Left Hand or Right Hand doors.
  • Fixed Pin
  • Dimensions: 4-3/8" x 5/8" x 1-7/8"
  • Load: Up to 70 Pounds
  • Material: Brass
  • Sold in pairs. The unit price above is for 1 pr. hinges

Questions and Answers
Q: Hi Richard, I came across your YouTube video on the Deltana PH60; great video! I need your expertise. I am hanging a 70lb door and was debating whether or not to use the PH40 or PH60. I know the PH 40 holds up to 75lbs per Deltana's website. Am I pushing it using the 40? It's just the 60 is so large and I feel oversized for my project. Thoughts?
A: PH40 is perfect and is what I would use in your exact circumstance.

Is there a follow up question that we can perhaps attempt to answer? We take pride deep in our technical expertise, as we know it separates us from our competition, so don't hesitate to ask.

Please reply to this email or contact our sales department here:

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if we can assist you by answering further questions or with entering this order and please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Q: Hi Richard, I’ve watched your videos on YouTube. Need a recommendation. Looking for a hinge that can be used to swing the round tray in the picture of side table as seen here:

View Image

Do you have any hardware that can be used for this purpose? Can something like the Deltana PH35 or PH40 be used? Thanks. Doris

A: I certainly agree that it's likely that this pivot hinge would work and I checked other places but I don't see a specialty pivot for you're rotating tray. My suggestion would be to keep the vertical axis of pivoting as close to the center of the rotating Trey as much as possible so as to not apply a tremendous lateral load to the pivot pin. You might even consider mortising the lower Leaf into the top of the cabinet - after providing adequate blocking underneath so that you may reduce the dimension from the underside of the trade of the top of the Cabinetry that it is being attached to.

I would very much like for you to report back as to how this precedes and plenty of photographs as well.

Q: I am hoping to use these for a full size laundry closet door (36" W x 72" L) weighing 65 pounds. Do you recommend using an intermediary hinge, given the width of the door? If so, which model?
A: An intermediate pivot would always be recommended for a door of this height (a door height which exceeds 60 in). Manufacturer does not provide an intermediate pivot for this knife style hinge - how thick is your door?
Q: Follow-up to above question regarding an intermediate hinge. The door is 1 3/8 inch thick
A: In order to achieve a door like this where you're using offset pivots and incorporating an intermediate pivot you will need to go to a different manufacturer such as ABH is the manufacturer these relatively light duty pivot intended for thinner doors but they also manufacturer intermediate pivots as well.

A link to the manufacturers cut sheet for this product series can be seen here:

Download File

And also a link to the manufacturers how to order guide where the intermediate pivots are also shown can be seen here:

Download File

Please let me know which pivot type of the three different types shown would be most ideal for your application

(Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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