Deltana DE44058TA3/4-RH

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Deltana DE44058TA3/4-RH 4"x 4"x 5/8"x SQ Hinge- US3/4

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Deltana DE44058TA3/4-RH 4"x 4"x 5/8"x SQ Hinge- US3/4
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Price: $9.58 USD
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Standard - ships in 2 business days with $50.00 minimum purchase of Deltana products or 15 business days for smaller orders.

Deltana has a minimum order requirement. Orders smaller than the required minimum have a longer lead time as we need to consolidate onto a "stock" order. If you need a faster lead time, simply exceed the minimum order amount.


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Product Description:

Deltana 4"x 4"x 5/8"x SQ Hinge- US3/4

  • The price reflects one pair of hinges
  • Made of steel
  • Size: 4"x 4"x 5/8"
  • US3/4 Finish
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