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Baldwin 0600 18" Solid Forged Brass Flush Bolt

Baldwin 0600.18

Baldwin 0600 18" Solid Forged Brass Flush Bolt

Manufacturer: Baldwin
Price: $49.77
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This item ships from PA.

18" Solid Forged Brass Flush Bolt

  • Flush Bolt with 18" rod
  • Solid forged brass
  • Hot Forged extension bolt having over .75 inch (19 mm) throw
  • Unique push button design of lever and delay action for easy operation
  • Lever does not engage the bolt until it is hinged freely to 45º angle
  • At this position it is easy to move the bolt head
  • Lever snaps automatically when hinged beyond 45 angle
  • Made to template for easy installation in metal door frames
  • Bolt Head: 5 inch (13 mm) Rod Backset: .75 inch (19 mm)
Available Finishes
003- Lifetime Brass
030 - Polished Brass
031 - Unlacquered Brass
034 - Lacquered Brass
038 - Aged Brass
040 - Satin Brass
050 - Satin Brass and Black
102 - Oil Rubbed Bronze
112 - Venetian Bronze
140 - Polished Nickel
150 - Satin Nickel Plated
151 - Antique Nickel, Dull
190 - Satin Black
260 - Polished Chromium
264 - Satin Chromium
402 - Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze
Questions and Answers
Q: Hello Richard Howard, I just want to say thank you for your informative youtube video on the Baldwin 0600 18 Flush Bolt. I have double doors on my main entrance door with .9m x 2.38m dimensions each. I want to secure the inactive fixed door and ensure it's strong and always in-place as it is where the active door striker will always touch when closing. With the height given, would you recommend 24-inch 0600 Flush Bolt? You mentioned that longer it is will be more easy for user to reach above and no need to bend too low but the longer rod wont affect/weaken the hold or strength right? I also have 2-door bypass pocket sliding doors which I also want to add flush bolt. Height is the same at 2.38m with a width of 1.6m. May I know if you recommend the Baldwin 0626 or still the 0600? Lastly, what is the best concealed door closer brand, I visited your website and there are so many brands, in your opinion is Dorma the best among them? Thank you very much.
A: A 4600 (4630/4640) not opening to a full 90 degrees could be caused by a couple things:

  • The Opening Force could be set too low. Try increasing the opening force adjustment on the controller a 1/4 turn clockwise. If the Opening Force adjustment is at max and the door will still not open completely, could be a defective closer or motor/clutch assembly.
  • The Closer Arm could be installed incorrectly (off one flat and preloaded to far). This can be verified by opening the door manually to 90° and hold it in the open position. Then turn on hold open switch. When motor stops turning, release door. If door falls back to less than 90° (approx 70°), arm is installed incorrectly. If the door holds open at 90°, then the arm was installed correctly, and it could be a defective closer or motor/clutch assembly.

    A 4600 (4630/4640) motor continuing to run after door opened to a full 90 degrees could be caused by:

  • The opening force set to high. Turn unit off, and adjust opening force down slightly. Turn unit on and cycle. Repeat process until the motor stops running when door gets to 90°. If clutch continues to slip or door does not open completely, the motor/clutch will need to be replaced.
  • (Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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