Baldwin 0430

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Baldwin 0430 Roller Latch

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Baldwin 0430 Roller Latch
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Technical Support
Product Description:
  • Designed for use on interior doors in hospitals or where quiet operation is required.
  • Very sturdy, all forged brass construction throughout.
  • Specially compounded rubber roller silently engages the strike and holds the door firmly closed without the loud clicks of ordinary locks.
  • The projection of the roller is adjustable for various door clearances.
  • Specially designed adjusting screws mounted in the face plate permit fine and accurate tensioning of rubber after installation.
  • Designed to ANSI template specifications.
  • Packed with both wood and machine screws.
003 - Lifetime polished brass
030 - Polished brass
031 - Unlacquered brass

050 - Satin brass and black
055 - Lifetime Polished nickel
060 - Satin brass and brown
102 - Oil Rubbed Bronze
112 - Venetian bronze
150 - Satin nickel plated
151 - Antique nickel, dull
190 - Satin black
260 - Polished chromium
264 - Satin chromium
415 - Aged pewter
Questions and Answers
Q: Hi Rich, Have been watching your very educational Youtube videos, and was wondering if you could recommend a latch for a 300lb home cinema door. The door is 2.5 inches thick, comprising 4 layers of MDF. There are compression seals around the door, so compression latch would be ideal, however I want to avoid penetrations and also minimise the depth of material removed from the door as it will impact the sound proofing performance of the door. It seems that a rubber roller latch would be the most suitable. Could you recommend a silent roller latch that would work with a 300lb door? Many Thanks,
A: I cannot - I do not believe a door of that weight that will be under the inherent opening force caused by the compressed weatherstripping is going to keep the door in the closed and latched position. I suppose it is possible if you were to install multiple latches on the door perhaps two or three that it would stay in the closed position but this is guesswork on my part. I believe you will need to install a traditional cylindrical or mortise lockset. I would recommend a mortise lockset that will give you a latching capability because accommodating the door thickness will be easy to manage and also you will be able to oversized your pocket preparation slightly so that you can line it with sound deadening material prior to installing the lock cassette. What specifically may we assist with at this time?
Q: how deep does the mortise need to be
A: 1-7/8" will be the correct depth
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