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BAHCO BB0171 4.5in Hinge-Full Surface-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base

BAHCO BB0171 4.5

BAHCO BB0171 4.5in Hinge-Full Surface-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base

Manufacturer: BAHCO
Price: $17.66
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4-1/2" Standard Weight Full Surface Ball Bearing Steel Hinge

  • ANSI A8312
  • Size: 4-1/2"
  • Removable Pin
  • Full Surface
  • Ball Bearing
  • Standard Weight
  • Material: Steel
  • Gauge: .134
  • Template
  • Note: Specifications of product in image may differ from product being sold. Read description carefully.
Questions and Answers
Q: I am setting up a bunch of gates (a wood jamb and a steel gate) and planning to use the BAHCO BB0171-NRP 4.5in Hinge-Full Surface-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Non Removable Pin-Steel Base hinge. I need to know what spacing to leave for the hinge in the closed position. However my "closed" position is actually this hinges naturally 180° open position.
A: If I understand you correctly you are asking the dimension of this hinge, when you have made the two leafs parallel by opening the hinge up. Furthermore, when the hinge leafs are set linear (such as when a door hung on them and the door is in the closed position) will be considered the open position (just the opposite of a standard installation).

If I understand this correctly this correctly, please review the link to the BAHCO BB0171 4.5in Hinge-Full Surface-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base as seen here:

Download File

We can determine the space you would need to leave for the hinge in your "closed" position.

See the dimension .562 lower right hand corner. This dimension is the centerline of the vertical axis of pivoting to the outside of the leaf. Next take note of the inset in the lower left hand corner of 1/8"

If we took this hinge and made the leafs parallel (your closed position), you could deterine the required hinge spacing leaf with this formula:

(A*2)-.125" where A = .562"

.562*2-.125 = 1"

therefore the required space is 1"

Is there a follow up question that we can perhaps attempt to answer? We take deep pride in our technical expertise, as we know it separates us from our competition, so don't hesitate to ask.

Please reply to this email or contact our sales department here:

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if we can assist you by answering further questions or with entering this order and please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

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