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ASI 0353 Horizontal Valve For Gravity Soap Systems

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ASI 0353 Horizontal Valve For Gravity Soap Systems
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Technical Support
Product Description:
ASI Horizontal Valve for Gravity Soap Systems
  • Chrome plated brass liquid soap valve
  • Female 3/8" NPT
  • Projects 3-1/2" (90 mm)
  • Meets ADA Accessibility Guidelines by requiring no more than 5 lbsf (22.2 Newtons) pressure
  • Soap is dispensed manually by depressing valve button until tank is empty.
  • Unit is typically used with gravity feed systems (Model Nos 0376, 0377, 0378, 0379) and is located over lavatory basin by connecting to plumbing (by others) of in-wall or surface mounted distribution piping.
  • Install valve into appropriate position by screwing onto pipe.
  • Use TFE tape to seal threads.
Questions and Answers
Q: Do you have a video on the different reservoirs for this system?
A: Unfortunately I do not have a video of the different reservoirs for the ASI Gravity Soap Systems as they are discontinued. The three different reservoirs that were available at one time where the part numbers 0376, 0377 & 0378 and I can provide you a link to the technical drawings as seen here:

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and here:

Download File

And I hope this information is of some use to you.

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