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Why ?

Why do our customers work with us? Architectural Builders Supply (ABS) provides solutions for customers. “Chicago was not built on an 8 week lead time” stated Dick Haskins of Brookwood Builders, a Forest Park based carpentry contractor. “He is exactly right” says Rich Howard, owner of ABS. Howard states “the bottom line is this: Customers call us up and ask for a rabbit to be pulled out of a hat. This is our business model. We deliver for the customer when the time schedule for the job is tight. If we had 8 weeks to deliver the doors and frames, our jobs would be easy, perhaps even boring. But that’s not reality”.

In addition to the quick turnaround time on material delivery, we also provide comprehensive services to our customers. More specifically we offer the following breakdown of services:

Metal Shop :

a. Customization of door and frame sizes
b. Relocation of hinge and lock locations in house
c. Deadbolt lock preparation
d. Panic device preparation
e. Prehanging
f. Finish painting of door & frame per customer color selection
g. Fire rated doors and frames
h. Dutch doors and frames
i. Double egress doors and frames
j. Installing hardware onto doors for clients

Wood Shop :

a. Wood door machining for hardware in house
b. Lite and louver preparations
c. Lead lined wood doors
d. Fire rated wood doors
e. Custom wood prehungs per specification
f. Birch, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple in stock
g. Prefinishing in house
h. Stile and rail doors
i. Residential flush and panel doors
j. Custom millwork

Hardware :

a. Full stock of hinges
b. Standard and heavy duty commercial locksets
c. Continuous gear hinges
d. In housing locksmithing services
e. Signage
f. Push & pull hardware
g. Kick plates
h. Door stops
i. Electrified hardware
j. Expert technical support

Field Services :

a. Door installation
b. Field site surveys
c. Infield locksmithing services
d. Delivery and job stocking
e. 100% guarantee on installation
f. Expert advice
g. Welding on site
h. Door machining on site
i. Infield door finishing and painting
j. Frame repair on site

Toll Free Number 877.631.9411

Hours of Operation
There are reasons ABS is a great choice for your door and hardware needs. Our hours of operation are longer than the competition. We open earlier and stay late longer. Additionally, we keep Saturday hours.

Monday – Friday
6 am - 5 pm
7 am - 3 pm

Toll Free Number
We provide a toll free telephone number for our clients to reach us. This number is 1-877-631-9411

On Site Consultation
We offer, and highly recommend, our onsite consultation services.

Our willingness to meet clients at jobsites has proved to be a tremendous benefit to our client base. We provide professional consultation, jobsite measuring and expert recommendations.

We recognize our customers do not have the time to become experts in every facet of the construction process. This is where we come in. ABS is not beholden to any manufacturers minimum purchase contracts and never will be. We provide solutions based on the best answer for a customers situation and not based on sales numbers.

Our advice is unbiased and objective. Our customers say this in invaluable. Our recommendations are based on the application and not on the amount of the contract. If our answer works for the customer, the customer will come back.


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