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Ganz CHU-ZNT6PAT1FN23N 16°x12° FOV Pan/Tilt Thermal Camera

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Ganz CHU-ZNT6PAT1FN23N 16°x12° FOV Pan/Tilt Thermal Camera
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Product Description:
Ganz CHU-ZNT6PAT1FN23N 16°x12° FOV Pan/Tilt Thermal Camera
Manufacturer: Ganz
Model: ZNT6PAT1FN23N
Product Type: 16°x12° FOV Pan/Tilt Thermal Camera
The high performance Ganz Thermal Imaging Cameras capture high-quality video in all lighting conditions. The cost-effective IP and analog thermal solutions outperform conventional surveillance technologies and are ideal for even the most challenging surveillance environments.
For greater versatility, the Ganz Thermal line is equipped with multiple lens options, both IP and Analog connectivity and Image Contrast Enhancement capabilities for additional local area processing and edge enhancement. They offer exceptional image clarity and affordable pricing and are ideal for perimeter surveillance, marine and port security, search and rescue, energy conservation and border patrol.
  • Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE) features
  • Thermal imaging powered by DRS Technologies
  • 30 fps versions for global commercial applications
  • 24/7 operation in all weather & lighting conditions
  • Multiple mounting options available
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