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Dotworkz DOW-KTSHIELDST S-Type Bullet Resistant Shield Camera

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Dotworkz DOW-KTSHIELDST S-Type Bullet Resistant Shield Camera
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Product Description:
Dotworkz DOW-KTSHIELDST S-Type Bullet Resistant Shield Camera



  • Stainless Steel Protective covering for S-Type Series Housings
  • Available in 0.22 Cal Resistant, 16gg Stainless Steel as standard offering
  • Available in 0.38 Cal Resistant, 12gg Stainless Steel
  • Rugged White Powder Coat Paint matching housing color
  • Field Installable with simple tools
  • Equipped with Stainless Steel Closure Hardware
  • Compatible with S-Type Environmental Enclosure Models, including HB-MVP, TR-MVP, RF-MVP, HB-SOLAR, & ST-BASE models
  • Ideal for Industrial, Marine, Government, and Commercial Security deployments requiring ballistic tough Housing protection
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