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Canadian Flexi Drills Co. KIT #2

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Canadian Flexi Drills Co. KIT #2 Lightning Rod 30 Feet

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Canadian Flexi Drills Co. KIT #2 Lightning Rod 30 Feet
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Price: $105.90 USD
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Product Description:
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Canadian Flexi Drills Co. KIT #2 Lightning Rod 30 Feet

  • Wire Fishing Tools
Questions and Answers
Q: Hi sales, are these rods approximately 3mm in diameter, about 6 foot long each and there are 5 in the kit, if so how much are the rods with freight to Sydney - Australia
A: These Lightning Rods are 4 mm approx. (.154) diameter fiberglass rods are virtually unbreakable and are essential in all aspects of wire fishing. Lightning rods can be acquired separately or in kits and can go 32' or more using the male/female connectors. Ideal for fishing inside walls, over drop ceilings, in crawl spaces, etc.

Kit #2 includes

  • 4 – 72" sections with male/female connectors
  • 1 – 72" section with bullet/female
  • 1 – egg beater attachment.

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