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3'10 x 6'8 Masonry Single Frame

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3'10 x 6'8 Masonry Single Frame
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Technical Support
Product Description:
These Commercial Metal Frames are typically used for new construction, masonry type walls, and are typically welded rather than knockedown.

Accurately brake formed, knocked down frame with masonry wire anchors. Used in interior and exterior openings in conventional masonry poured concrete and stud walls.
Questions and Answers
Q: What is happening Rich! I hope all is well in the state of sunshine. I had a technical question for you. I just had my attic closets dry walled and taped. The taper left a small area by the door open. I asked him about it today and he said it’s for the door frame. If he were to apply mud on the area it would crack whenever the door would be opened or closed. I have attached a photo:

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of said area taken from inside the closet looking out into the bedroom. Please give me your 2 cents. Let me know when you are back in the CST area so I can bend an elbow (or knee).

A: The short answer is - what your installer is telling you is absolutely correct and accurate. That gap is going to be covered by the casing that will be applied to both sides of the opening. however having said that if it was my house and if it was an unheated attic I would either personally or request the installer shoot into that void

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If you're going to do it yourself be very careful to not get it on any of your hands and fingers as the stuff is brutal to get off - wear gloves

Q: Are frames available without returns?
A: F-Series frames are available without returns:
  • Fire Rated frames must have welded corners.
  • Frames must include weled in wood or steel stud anchors.
  • Installation requirements:
    Frames must be set before the installation of the drywall.
    Frames are not permitted to be installed with screws through the face of the frame after the drywall is installed.
    Drywall must penetrate the throat of the frame a minimum of 1/2". These frames must be welded at Steelcraft, whether labeled or non-labeled.
  • As an alternate to the F-series frame when using wood casing trim to finish frame installations, the C and CK series from Steelcraft frame could be used. See the ‘FRAMES’ section of the Steelcraft Tech Data Manual.
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