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30 x 70 Architectural Solid Core Walnut Wood Door

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30 x 70 Architectural Solid Core Walnut Wood Door
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Technical Support
Product Description:

Wood Door
Wood Door
Wood Door
Wood Door
Wood door

ABS features a lifetime warranty on our ARCHITECTURAL SOLID CORE WALNUT WOOD DOOR rated commercial wood doors.

Our Architectural SOLID CORE wood doors are built to the highest quality standards as defined by AWI section #1300. This door can be special ordered in all domestic and exotic species of wood. Birch, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut and Cherry can be ordered directly at www.absupply.net. This door meets or exceeds all architectural specifications for construction and quality standards. These doors feature a fully bonded core. This means the stiles and rails are securely attached to the core with adhesives and then are abrasively planed before veneering. This step works to ensure minimal telegraphing of core parts through veneers. These doors are used in commercial, institutional and residential applications. Factory prefinishing, fully compliant with AWI standards, is available on special order. If your machining requirements exceed those listed above, please click on our "machining sheet" link to help complete your order and contact us directly to the place your order. 1 3/8", 2â€, 2 1/4 †and other thicknesses available on special order. Dutch doors, wicket doors and lead lined doors can also be special ordered.

CONSTRACTION Bonded 5 Ply Hot Press
CORE Solid Lumber Wood Staves


1 3/4, 1 3/8 Door available on special order
STILES 7/8" Matching hardwood or softwood. Wider stiles available
CROSSBANDS 1/12" select hardwood with grain running 90° to face veneer
FACES Wood veneer, plastic laminate and MDO (optional)
ADHESIVE Type II (water resistant)
Type I (water-proof) available
FIRE RATING 20 Minute - 1 3/4" thick doors only
DOOR DETAILS Full Lite Door : 5" Top Rail, 5" Stiles and 8" Bottom Rail. 1 1/4 required between lite opening and lock cut-out.
20 Min Label Door: 5 1/2" Top Rail, 5 1/2" between door edge and lock cut-out and 8" bottom rail. Max 1296" for 20 min label.
MAXIMUM SIZES Singles: 4-0 x 10-0; Pairs: 8-0 x 10-0; DE Pairs: 8-0 x 8-0
Wood Door
Wood Door

2 1/4" minimum solid wood or structural composite lumber, one piece or laminated (before trim)
1 9/16" minimum hardwood; solid, laminated or veneered (before trim). Backer or inner ply may be structural composite lumber. Same species visible surface, sanded ease, no visible joints allowed
Particleboard, ANSI A208.1, grade LD-2
Stiles & rails securely bonded to core, then entire unit abrasively planed before veneering
Edge glued or one piece without voidsor show through
Minimum 1/50" "A" grade edge glued joints
Book, slip or random; Centered, balanced or running; Pair and set match
Same species lumber, or vennered or metal vision frames
Bottom horizontal edge runs full width. Matching species lumber or vennered
Width = Max. 1/2" when taken equally from both stiles
Height = Max. 1 1/2" when taken equally from both rails

Cutting Graphic
Cutting Explained
Wood Door
The log is mounted centrally in the lathe and turned against a razor sharp blade, like unwinding a roll of paper. Since this cut follows the log's annual growth ring, a bold variegated grain marking is produced. Rotary cut veneer is exceptionally wide. To put it simply, this is the way you peel an apple
Wood Door
Wood Door
The log, or flitch, is mounted with the heart side flat against the flitch table of the slicer and the slicing is done parallel to a line through the center of the log. This produces a variegated figure. To put it simply this is the way meat is sliced at the deli
Wood Door
The quarter log, or flitch, is mounted on the flitch table so that the growth rings of the log strike the knife at approximately right angles, producing a series of stripes, straight in some wood, varied on others
Wood Door
Wood Door RIFT CUT
Cut veneer is produced in the various species of Oak. Oak has medullary ray cells which radiate from the center of the log like curved spokes of a wheel. The rift or comb grain effect is obtained by cutting at an angle of 15 degree of the quarter

Color Streaks or Spots
Color Variation
Sharp Color Contrasts at Joints
Book Matched
Slip Matched
Pleasing Matched
Random Matched
End Matched
Nominal Minimum width of Face Components
Plain Sliced = 5"
Quartered = 3"
Rotary = 5"
Small Conspicuos Burls & Pin Knots Combined AVG Number 1 per 1-1/3 SQ.FT.MAX
24 in and 32 SQ FT. CONTIGUOUS
Conspicuous Burls Max Size 3/8"
Conspicuous Pin Knots AVG Number 1 per 2 SQ. FT. MAX 16 IN AND 32 SQ. FT CONTIGUOUS
Max. Pin Knot Size - Dark Part 1/8"
Max. Pin Knot Size - Total 1/4'
Scattered Sound and Repairs Knots - Combined Avg. Number No
Max. Size - Sound No
Max. Size - Repaired No
Avg. Number - Repaired No
Mineral Streaks Slight
Bark Pockets No
Worm Tracks No
Vine Marks Slight
Cross Bars Occasional
Roung Cut No
Blended Repaired Tapered Hairline Splits Two 1/16" x 6"
Repairs Small Blending
Unfilled worm holes, open splits, open joints, open bark pockets, shake or doze not permitted in above grades
Sap may be permitted in A and B grades, the percentage to be agreed to by the buyer and seller in advance
For Walnut, conspicuous pin knots means sound knots 1/4" or less in diameter with dark centers larger than 1/16". Inconspicuous pin knots are sound knots 1/4" or less indiameter with dark centers of 1/16" or less and are permitted in all grades of Walnut
All data referenced from A.W.I. 7'th edition, version 1.0 1997, section 1300

Door Handing
Wood Door
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Questions and Answers
Q: I see there are many options on the doors, i.e. walnut, birch, oak etc. and noted there is an option for "Hardboard" is this an exterior grade, or does it have moisture resistance properties?
A: None of the wood doors that you would find in our website would be specifically intended for an exterior application and in fact I would dissuade you from considering any of these doors for your application because they would not carry or an exterior door warranty.

Having said that, there are indeed countless instances when clients have purchased the same door and have successfully used it exterior applications with no trouble whatsoever and in fact we can do things to help reduce the potential for failure in an exterior environment such as using high quality structural lumber and type 2 exterior rated glue that I suppose you could put on several coats of a marine quality clear to the material but again technically these doors exterior warranty.

If you had no choice but to use a door where there would be no warranty for an exterior application I would coat all six sides of the door as thoroughly as possible not less than three complete times and would predict that your success would be practically complete.

Q: Would you happen to know what the density is for a 1 3/4" thick solid core walnut door is?
A: Depends on the particle board that's used - there's two different densities used in the door business.

LD1 = 28.1 - 30.6 lb as seen here:

Download File

LD2 = 31.2-34.3 lb as seen here:

Download File

I have personally used both cores in flush architectural wood door construction and I can tell you that the denser LD2 is substantially heavier in weight and is considered unnecessary in my experience to use over the very typical LD1.

I'm also assuming that you're referring to a solid core particle board and not stave lumber core or structural composite lumber etc

Q: By any chance do you build off (not standard) size doors. I am in need of 2 solid cord wood doors 2' x 4', and regarding the inside of the door would that be particle board or solid lumber and also that all four sides are finished wood.
A: We do build custom doors in the core would not be solid wood though it could be what we call lumber core (think of butcher block) or would be solid structural lumber (which is known in the industry is Timberstrand or ‘LSL’) or finally it could be particle board as well. The vertical sides would be matching/compatible to the veneer the rails can be as well when specified that way, in fact we can specify every detail of the door physically so as to meet your requirements.
(Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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